Use SEO to Give Your Responsive Site the Best Chance of Success

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for any business — big or small. However, it’s especially vital for small businesses that don’t have the luxury of already being a “household” name with loads of online users searching for them directly.

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How to Use Forms to Enhance Your Business

The various forms on your responsive website serve as the gateway to communication between you and your customers. Whether they’re supplying you with their contact info, making a purchase, filling out a survey, or something else, the effectiveness of your

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Top 10 Ways Responsive Web Design Benefits Small Businesses

Responsive web design is an innovative new way of creating a website so it automatically adjusts its appearance based on the size of the viewing device. It’s ideal for small businesses looking for a simple way to connect with both

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What is Responsive Web Design and Why Should I Care?

How do web designers deal with so much variation? In the past, designers typically coded different sites for different devices and generally gave them the same functionalities. This is still how many designers operate today; however, a more innovative approach is evolving — responsive web design.

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